• Appetizers

    • English breakfast

      20 PLN

      All Day English Breakfast - fried eggs, sausage, tomatoes, mushrooms, bacon, beans in tomato sauce, toasts, butter

    • Garlic bread with cheese

      20 PLN
    • Toasts

      18 PLN

      Salmon on toast with blue cheese

      Green asparagus,bacon & parmesan on toast

    • Steak tartare

      27 PLN
    • Chicken strips

      19 PLN
    • Selection of italian meat

      59 PLN

      Selection of italian meat, olives, dry tomatoes & parmesan

    • Selection of cheese

      49 PLN

      Selection of european cheeses with olives and cranberry

    • Quesadilla

      18 PLN

      Cheese & chicken quesadilla with sweet-spicy & cream sauce

    • Fried tomatoes

      20 PLN

      Fried tomatoes with herbs & mozzarella served with ciabatta

    • Soups

    • Borsch with croquette

      15 PLN
    • Soup of the day

      13 PLN
    • Żurek

      15 PLN

      Traditional Polish rye soup with porcini mushroom, ham with mascarpone cheese

    • Steaks

    • Sirloin steak

      55 PLN

      Sirloin steak served with garlic butter.
      In addition, the choice of fries, fried potatoes or baked potato with herbal feta cheese

    • Rib Eye XL

      55 PLN

      Entrecote steak served with garlic butter. In addition, the choice of fries, fried potatoes or baked potato with herbal feta cheese

    • New York Strip XL

      55 PLN

      Roast beef steak served with garlic butter. In addition, the choice of fries, fried potatoes or baked potato with herbal feta cheese

    • Bacon

      8 PLN
    • Extras

      4 PLN

      Poached egg

    • Wild mushroom sauce

      8 PLN
    • Dips & sauces

      4 PLN

      - mild & spicy


      - green peppercorn sauce
      - roquefort sauce
      - porcini sauce


    • Meat dishes

    • Chicken filet

      34 PLN

      Chicken filet with Italian ham and sun-dried tomatoes served with pasta baked with cheese

    • Tenderloin of pork

      33 PLN

      Tenderloin of pork served on a red pepper & sweet cream sauce with toast

    • Chilli con carne

      22 PLN

      Chilli con carne served with ciabatta

    • Chicken & beef duo

      36 PLN

      Chicken & beef duo with vegetables in chinese teriyaki sauce served with potatoes fritters

    • Extras

    • Extras

      8 PLN

      French fries

      Fried potatoes

      Steamed vegetables


      Corn cob


    • Baked potato

      10 PLN

      Baked potato with garlic butter or feta cheese

    • Grilled vegetables

      9 PLN

      zucchini, eggplant, pepper, tomato, onion

    • Burgers

    • Hamburger

      24 PLN

      Beef hamburger with onion, lettuce, tomato served with fries

    • Extras

      3 PLN


      Poached egg

    • Bacon

      8 PLN
    • Fried porcini mushroom

      8 PLN


    • Pasta

    • Pappardelle with chicken

      27 PLN

      Pappardelle with chicken, asparagus, goat cheese, and cocktail tomatoes

    • Garganelli with prawns

      29 PLN

      Garganelli with prawns, porcini mushrooms, rocket and pesto

    • Pappardelle with porcini mushrooms

      27 PLN

      Pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and parmezan cheese

    • Pappardelle with spinach

      27 PLN

      Pappardelle with spinach with becon and ricotta cheese

    • FIsh & Seafood

    • Grilled salmon

      33 PLN

      Grilled salmon with steamed vegetables & hollandaise sauce

    • Tempura-fried sole

      26 PLN

      Tempura-fried sole with fries

    • Grilled prawns

      58 PLN

      Grilled black tiger prawns served with clarified butter & garlic

    • Black tiger prawns

      55 PLN

      Black tiger prawns wrapped in parma ham served with wasabi dip

    • Salads

    • Beef salad

      29 PLN

      Beef salad with tomatoes, cucumber, toast, ginger vinaigrette and sesame

    • Fresh spinach salad

      26 PLN

      Fresh spinach leaves with baked Parma ham, sun-dried & cocktail tomatoes, pine nuts sprinkled with balsamic dressing and parmesan cheese

    • Chicken & fruits salad

      23 PLN

      Chicken & seasonal fruit salad with tomatoes, cucumber, honey-mustard and vinaigrette sauce

    • Salmon & prawns salad

      30 PLN

      Salmon & prawns salad with grilled asparagus, tomatoes, cucumber served with yoghurt and vinaigrette sauce

    • Desserts

    • Chocolate cake

      15 PLN

      Chocolate cake with cherry sauce

    • Strawberry mousse

      14 PLN

      Warm strawberry mouse with vanilla ice cream

    • Fried ice cream

      16 PLN

      Fried vanilla ice cream orb wrapped in biscuits with cherry jam and whipped cream

    • Tea

    • Ronnefeldt - teapot of exclusive tea

      12 PLN

      English Breakfast
      strong black tea from Ceylon with bitter flavour

      Earl Grey
      delicate black tea with refreshing aroma of bergamot

      green tea with aroma of mango

      Orange Cream
      flavoured herbal tea with a creamy and delicate vanilla and orange

      Sweet Berries
      full flavour of strawberries, raspberry, apples & briar

      Green leaf
      Green tea with flower aroma

      Mint & Fresh
      Mint tea with relaxing aroma of lemon grass

      ginger, aniseed, licorice, lemon grass, cinnamon

    • Coffee

    • Espresso

      7,50 PLN
    • Americano

      7,50 PLN
    • Latte

      11 PLN
    • Cappuccino

      9 PLN
    • Liqueur coffee

      15 PLN

      Coffee with liqueur:

      - Whisky

      - Baileys

      - Amaretto

    • Frappé coffee

      15 PLN


    • Hot chocolate

    • Hot chocolate

      11 PLN
    • Hot chocolate with liqueur

      16 PLN

      Hot chocolate with liqueur:

      - Whisky

      - Baileys

      - Amaretto

    • Beverage

    • Home made lemonade

      7 PLN
    • Beverage

      6 PLN

      Fizzy drinks:

      - Coca-cola

      - Cola zero

      - Fanta

      - Sprite

      - Kinley Tonic

      Mineral water Kropla Beskidu

      - sparkling water

      - still water


      - lemon


    • Aloe water

      10 PLN
    • Perrier

      10 PLN
    • Fresh fruit juice

      12 PLN
    • Red Bull

      10 PLN